Confused regarding the term “Foundation”?

  • 19 February 2020
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Everyone who has used, maintained or supported NX Solution have come across the term “Foundation”.


 So what exactly is foundation?


 Let’s take a scenario where you bought a new NX solution (YAYY!!) but what now? 

 Does it have the AOS or the hypervisor installed?

 How can you create a cluster using the new nodes? 

 Do you install anything in the node before you try to add it to an existing cluster? 



The answer to all these questions lies in the tool called Foundation, which is used to do a field installation, consisting of installing a hypervisor and Nutanix Controller VM on the node before creating a new cluster or adding a new node to an existing cluster.


Field installation can be performed for either factory-prepared nodes or bare metal.


 So are there any guidelines for using foundation? 


Of Course, go through the link below to know more about the guidelines 


Field Installation Guide 


Want to know more about Foundation? 


 The following links might help you to understand the concept better!


 Foundation Guide 


 Prepare Factory-Imaged Nodes for Foundation


Prepare Bare Metal Nodes for Foundation


Foundation with Phoenix - reborn from ashes


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