Configuring HA vs Deselect Enable HA

  • 23 June 2021
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Once we run out of the space while deploying new VM, why we need to Deselect Enable HA (it must be set within the limitations or Admissioin Control must restrict to deploy beyone the threshold), where the VM's going to reboot on other hosts (which will be a production impact)






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Hello @Godaba this happens in high memory-usage clusters. The HA has memory reservations that prevents the cluster from powering on the VMs. The HA needs to be de-selected so that the VM can power on using available memory resources. The HA needs to be immediately selected/enabled after powering on the VMs to protect these VMs from node failures. The possibility of the VMs being impacted is directly proportional to the time taken to disable HA, power on the desired VMs followed by enabling HA back.