Cluster Shutdown, Node Maintenance Mode and VM export Automation

  • 31 July 2019
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Hello Sirs!

I just want to inquire and ask if anybody has an idea if Nutanix has a plan to automate the processes of doing a shutdown of the cluster, entering a Node to Maintenance Mode and exporting VM that resides to a nutanix cluster and integrate this basic operation to their Prism Element or Prism Central GUI just as what the other HCI vendors? currently I belive these things is done via CLI only.

I know this is a easy task for a technical people and admin but I think it defies the "one click simplicity / one click operation" that is shown on presentation decks.

It would be great and probably an additional edge if processes like this is automated.

thanks 🙂

1 reply

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You can Perform the Most of the basic operation making use of prism element. please take a look at the following article and please let me know if you find this useful.