Checking Upgrade history

  • 18 November 2019
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Maintaining a big infrastructure requires planning and knowing your architecture inside and out.

Let's say, sometimes you need to check the upgrade history of different components in your cluster.
Sometimes you want to know when you last upgraded AOS or Nutanix Files.

The timestamp of the upgrade.
Let's say you want to plan a future upgrade and creating a time-line and want to know when you upgraded the software last and at which version.
We all need this information, either to maintain a proper record of our cluster infrastructure or to plan the future upgrade.

So how can we achieve this?
Give the following Knowledge base article a read to find out the upgrade history of different components in your cluster and plan your future upgrades accordingly.



Want to know how upgrades work in Nutanix?


Try going through the following Knowledge Base to understand how upgrades work in Nutanix architecture.



Have a question regarding upgrade workflow? 
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