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  • 25 January 2022
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Hi all !

I changed the format of Replication Factor 3 to 2 of my nutanix cluster, everything went well and without problems of my cluster but I have 2 doubts.

I'm still seeing this error regarding extent groups and Oplog

and the other doubt I have if I change my Replication Factor format from 3 to 2, my Fault Tolerance changes to 1 or is there a command to change my fault Tolerance to 2?


I would greatly appreciate your help to correct errors or have more knowledge about nutanix.



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Hi @Juan Garza 


Cluster replication factor cannot be reverted but on the other hand container replication factor can be “reverted”.


I suppose that your cluster was fully set to RF3 and now you have reverted some storage containers to RF2.


This KB may give you some clues about what you are seeing

  • If only the components "EXTENT_GROUPS" and "OPLOG" are reporting "Current Fault Tolerance: 1" while all other components reporting "Current Fault Tolerance: 2"

Confirm that all containers are correctly configured to match the desired RF level. All containers must be RF3 for all cluster EXTENT_GROUPS and OPLOG data to tolerate two fault domain failures.
The following command can be used to assist with finding any containers configured for RF2


Log story short, to see Extent Groups and Oplog with “Two failures tolerable” you should set ALL containers to RF3


Also you can open a support case to check that everything it’s ok and good to go