Can we have a RPO of 1 minute on protection domain?

  • 16 September 2020
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We may have a requirement to have a RPO as less as 1 minute.  The NearSync feature provides you with the ability to protect your data with an RPO of as low as 1 minute.

To implement the NearSync feature, Nutanix has introduced a technology called Lightweight Snapshots (LWS) to take snapshots that continuously replicates incoming data generated by workloads running on the active cluster. The LWS snapshots are created at the metadata level only.

These snapshots are stored in the LWS store, which is allocated on the SSD tier. LWS store is automatically allocated when you configure NearSync for a Protection Domain.

Some of the advantages of NearSync are as follows.

  • Protection for the mission-critical applications. Securing your data with minimal data loss in case of a disaster, and providing you with more granular control during the restore process.

  • No latency or distance requirements that are associated with fully synchronous replication feature.

  • Allows resolution to a disaster event in minutes.

Nutanix provides multiple DR solutions to protect your environment. Please check the below link for Nutanix DR solutions workflow:

For details on the configuration please refer to the following NearSync portal document: NearSync Disaster Recovery (RPO <= 15 minutes)

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