Asynchronous Replication with Azure

  • 16 October 2020
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AWS or Azure can be configured as a remote site for backup and restore operations, this feature is known as cloud connect. The cloud connect feature enables you to back up and restore copies of virtual machines and files to and from an on-premise cluster and a Nutanix Controller VM located on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud. The Nutanix Controller VM is created on an AWS or Azure cloud in a geographical region of your choice. It is a single-node cluster with a 30 terabyte (TB) disk attached to the node, with a usable disk capacity of 20 TB. Amazon or Azure customers are charged only for capacity that is used (not charged for the full capacity). Once configured through the web console, the remote site cluster is managed and monitored through the Data Protection dashboard like any other remote site you have created and configured

Cloud configuration guide at : Cloud Connect (AWS AND AZURE)

Step-By-Step Azure Remote Site Configuration for Azure Cloud Backup

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