API To Retrieve IPMI Details From A Host Machine

  • 17 January 2021
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I am trying to read Nutanix OOB device information into ServiceNow. Is there an API that I could use to retrieve the OOB (IPMI) information from the host machine? Or Would executing SNMP commands on the IPMI help with my ask?

5 replies

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Hey @SwatiK

The REST APIs can’t give you the IPMI/OOB information. You can use the IPMI tool on CVM to get the details. Here is the KB for the same: BTW, what IPMI details are you most interested to get?

Thanks @AnishWalia20 

I am looking at some basic information like OOB name, IP, Serial Number, host machine that it supports, version and relate it to the host machine.

We are retrieving Nutanix Hosts, Clusters, CVM details etc., via Nutanix API query. So, from whatever you are saying, I”ll not be able to use these API’s for OOB devices.

Can I try running any of the IPMI tool commands on the CVM through the API?? Or is there a better way to do it?? Please advise.

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You can check REST API based options for data retrieval of cluster info

Hello Rahul,

I couldn’t find anything from the list that would help retrieve IPMI details. I am specifically looking at IPMI details. Could you please advise if there is any other way to obtain this information? 




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Hey @SwatiK ,I am afraid REST API wouldn’t get that information for you. :sweat_smile:

If you need the IPMI info displayed on PE or PC page, then we could check if the API returning that information is supported.

The other way for you is to check if the hardware you use has an API. The most common framework is Redfish( .


The safest way to get more details is using the API for the IPMI if the hardware vendor provides one.