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  • 25 May 2020
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I am testing Postman for API calls and one of the errors I am getting is 502 - Oops Server Error, which is related to the Apache portion. Question is, which log contains this? I’ve checked all the logs in ~/data/logs/ and can’t find that response. 


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3 replies

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Hey @a-a-ron . So what version of API are you using and from where PE cluster or PC cluster because:

  1. API v1 and v2 runs through the Prism service.
  1. API v3 runs through Aplos services.

Below REST APIs related logs which might help you narrow down the issue related to API calls and HTTP issues on PC-VM/CVM:

  1. API v3 logs: ~/data/logs/aplos.out
  2. API v1 and v2 logs: ~/data/logs/prism_gateway.log


Also, specifically, if you are looking for Apache/Httpd service logs you can find them inside this location on CVMs/PC-VMs “/etc/httpd/logs”.

And to access these logs you will need to switch to the root user on the CVM/PC-VM like below as you cannot access these logs without being root user:

1)Switch to root user: nutanix@cvm#~$ sudo su
2)Go to directory /etc/httpd/logs: root@cvm#~$ cd /etc/httpd/logs

Inside this directory /etc/httpd/logs you will find such files:

httpd logs inside /etc/httpd/logs

Here you can check files ssl_access.log,ssl_request.log and ssl_error.log log files for debugging more on the issue.


Hope I was able to clear your doubt. Cheers. :-D

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Exactly what I was looking for! “/etc/httpd/logs”.


Thanks a bunch!

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That sounds amazing @a-a-ron . Glad you found what you were looking for.:grin: