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  • 28 August 2020
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Have you guys been utilizing the Analysis charts feature effectively? It gives you the ability to create charts that can monitor a variety of performance metrics over a week, month, or a custom time range. 


Here are a few ideas on how we resolved some issues seen in the field.


  1. Memory Usage (%) - Create a chart to track memory consumption or one or multiple VM’s over a time interval

  2. Hypervisor CPU Usage (%) - Measure the CPU usage of one or more hosts over time and gain a better understanding of resource constraints if any

  3. Storage Controller Latency - This is particularly useful if you suspect performance issues. Creating charts ranging to a few weeks back gives you a comparative analysis and a benchmark for the current latency observed

  4. Storage Container Usage - A classic use case for this is when multiple VM’s have been migrated out of the cluster over many days but you suspect the storage space has not been reclaimed

  5. Replication Bandwidth - Transmitted - If there are periodic replication schedules set and you observe that one replication is taking longer than it usually takes, this is a good place to look at. 


The above are just some of the ways how Analysis has helped our customers gain better insights into their cluster performance.


To see all the other possible options at your disposal, navigate to this page.


So what’s your Analysis success story? 

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We are actively using it for our small on-prem 3-nodes cluster.


The analysis charts seems to only keep data for up to the last 3 months.  Are there any means to do a longer trend analysis?  We’ll like to keep a longer trend records for reporting to the management.