Alerts and Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC)

  • 31 July 2020
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Do you often get confused between alert generated and Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) failure?

Here are some points to understand them both:

Alert: Mechanism to report underlying issues in the system. 
NCC: Tool to check the cluster health and report alert if required. (If there is a NCC failure then it does not always generates an alert.)


Three important sections of the above diagram:

  1. Notifications received - Cluster Health service.
  2. Configuration stored - IDF database.
  3. Alert reported - Alert Manager.

Configuration and Alert Reporting:

The alert reporting is based on the above configuration.

We can also fetch the above information via "ncli alerts get-alert-config" and update using "ncli alerts update-alert-config"



For checking the alerts received to nos-alert: Zygrade
For checking the alert: 



Alert Manager leader: alert_tool 
To check if the alert notification is send to email recipients: "alert_manager.INFO" log file in the alert manager leader. 
To check about the alert generating notification/plugin: "health_server.log" log in the node generating the alert.



KB 1959 Which Alerts Automatically Generate a Support Case with Nutanix Support? 

KB 2595 Nutanix Support Services: Pulse and Alerts




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2 replies

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Diagram mentioned in the post is above :

Update: KB 2595 has been retired. Please refer to KB 5784 instead for Pulse information.