Alert ID - A130100 - iSCSI Configuration Failed

  • 16 October 2020
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This article’s motive is to provide you the information required for troubleshooting the alert “iSCSI Configuration Failed” for your Nutanix cluster.

What is iSCSI Configuration?
To provide access to cluster storage, Nutanix Volumes utilizes an iSCSI data services IP address to clients for target discovery which simplifies external iSCSI configuration on clients. This iSCSI data services IP address acts as an iSCSI target discovery portal and initial connection point. This IP address is also used as a cluster-wide address by clients configured as part of Nutanix Files and other products.

The iSCSI Configuration Failed alert can be generated if Nutanix Guest Tools failed to execute some iSCSI commands on the guest VM.

For more troubleshooting, check KB-10118.
For information on the iSCSI Configuration, check the iSCSI guide.

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