Alert cases - What are they? How to change contact and shipment information?

  • 3 March 2020
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Are you wondering which alerts generate a support case with Nutanix Support and whom Nutanix contacts when a case is generated?

There is a particular subset of alerts that have been identified as being important, so action can be taken on them. These alerts are called Alert cases.

When the cluster is under a current support contract, alert cases are generated. Alert cases are handled by Nutanix Support, who reach out to the primary Support Contact (also referred to as the break/fix contact) associated with the node or cluster in question. For customers with a third-party providing front-line support, it is normal to have a representative from that company listed as the primary Support Contact.

Most of the alert cases are created with a P4 priority level, which has a target response time of 24 hours. NodeDegraded and NodeAvgLoadAboveThreshold are created with a P2 priority level, which has a target response time of two hours.

To know which alerts generate cases, and how to change the contact and parts shipment address check this article KB 1959.


You can find more information about automatic alerts and the Pulse functionality in Alert and Event Monitoring of the Prism Web Console Guide for your AOS release.

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