AHV networking

  • 15 July 2020
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AHV uses Open vSwitch (OVS) to connect the CVM, the hypervisor, and guest VMs to each other and to the physical network. 



  • Open vSwitch:

OVS is an open source software switch implemented in the Linux kernel and designed to work in a multiserver virtualization environment. By default, OVS behaves like a layer-2 learning switch that maintains a MAC address table. 

  • Bridges

Bridges act as virtual switches to manage network traffic between physical and virtual network interfaces. The default AHV configuration includes an OVS bridge called br0 and a native Linux bridge called virbr0

  • Ports

Ports are logical constructs created in a bridge that represent connectivity to the virtual switch

  • Bonds
    Bonded ports aggregate the physical interfaces on the AHV host. By default, a bond named br0-up is created in bridge br0


VLANs for AHV Hosts and CVMs




The recommended VLAN configuration is to place the CVM and AHV in the default “untagged” (or native) VLAN, as shown below.


If you do not want to send untagged traffic to the AHV and CVM, or the security policy doesn’t allow this, refer to the AHV Networking guide


For details about AHV networking please refer to the following links:




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