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  • 17 April 2019
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Please help me with the following:

Where do the AOS sit? Is it inside the CVM or on the SATA DOM?
Is AHV created when the AOS is installed or vice versa

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Aos is the contents of the cvm. Ahv runs from the satadom.
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As already explained on previous comment, the AOS running inside the CVM. The CVM is created on the hypervisor during the Foundation process. The CVM configuration files (like .xml for AHV and .vmx for ESX) resides on SATA DOM, but all CVM data are stored on SSD and HDD.

The AHV is installed on SATA DOM and the node SSDs/HDDs are presented directly to the CVM.
Addition to @RichardsonPorto Post.

The SATADOM host the hypervisor and the base "configuration" file for the CVM, as well as a small ISO called svmboot.iso

The svmboot.iso contains a very small program that helps the CVM boot from the Active partition for Nutanix home os.

@RichardsonPorto : I have one question then, The Open Vswitch is a part of AOS/CVM or not?

As per my understanding the Open Vswitch instance run on nodes Hypervisor.
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Hi @Syed Abbas

Actually the Open vSwitch runs on AHV hypervisor. Each hypervisor hosts an OVS instance and all OVS instances are combined to form a single virtual switch. From CVM we can manage the OVS using the manage_ovs command.

You can read more in the following documentation link: