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  • 26 July 2019
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I'm new to Nutanix, and have a basic question pertaining to keeping drivers and firmware in the server up to date with LCM. We have Dell XC640 servers running VMware ESXi.

Am I too assume the LCM is going to provide all the drivers and firmware required for the stack? Documentation states that Dell provides the payload, LCM installs it.

I want to validate after updating the hosts with LCM if that's all that I need to do. Does this also update the VMware Ethernet driver? It seems to good to be true that LCM would actually do that as well.

Looking for some guidance on this so that I have a solid game plan that I can document moving forward.

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No replies needed here, The answer is simple. The Dell payload doesn't include the VMware Ethernet driver although it is included in the Dell VMware custom image, you just need to keep it in sync using VMware Update Manager or ESXCLI so that your firmware and driver are at the recommended combination per the VMware HCL IO devices.