A question about NearSync DR

  • 14 August 2019
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My customer is considering leveraging NearSyncDR for their production clusters.
Looks like I have to explain to them how NearSync should be configured and how it works to match their needs for future plan.
As it matters, I have dived around Nutanix portal for some documents related to this technology but nothing explains clearly why it should run by its behavior in the example below:
In the case I configured a schedule that repeats 1 min and retention policy of local cluster for 5 days, NearSync will work as that it will:
  • Create a snapshot per minute and retain it for 15 minutes.
  • Create hourly snapshots and retain for 6 hours.
  • Create daily snapshots and retain for 5 days.
So the question is if a snapshot A was created and deleted in 15 mins later, in the case user wanted to use this snapshot A to recover his file, how did he do?
Is snapshot retaining time able to be changed by any command?

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