3 Site Availability Solution (Metro-Availability "Stretched Cluster" + DR Site)

  • 29 July 2020
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Is it possible to provide for a group of VMs a Metro-Availability (stretched cluster) solution using ESXi (since this feature for AHV isn’t available yet) to obtain 24x7 availability and downtime+disaster avoidance capabilities for certain services) and also provide for the VMs in the stretched cluster or a subset of those VMs async replication to a 3rd site (DR site)?


Understanding that the stretched containers are sync replicated at the container level, would that 3rd site async replication be based at the container or VM level?



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Stretched Containers are sync replicated at the container level

Asynchronous disaster recovery can be configured by backing up a group of entities (VMs and volume groups) locally to the Nutanix cluster and optionally configuring replication to one or more remote sites


Find more details on this page for having multiple protection options


Just to Remember 

Metro requires one vSphere cluster on top, and Async DR expects 2 clusters

Hope this helps you , Let me know if you need additional info

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If the VM is protected in a Metro PD, it is protected on a container level. You will not be able to add this VM to a new Async PD. You can however, edit the existing Metro PD and create a new schedule to ship the snapshot to a 3rd site. That will protect it on container level, too.