Feature Copy/paste from client into a AHV Console VM

  • 1 September 2022
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Any update on using copy/paste from our workstation/laptop into a VM Console of windows VM hoted on AHV cluster? 

How Do I Enable Copy and Paste in AHV? | Nutanix Community


this would be a great feature to implement but it does not seem to be any information as to when this would be available and we would be deploying 3 new AHV Clusters so not sure if this is on the pipeline.


thank you

7 replies

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Really a nice enhancement for AHV VM console, as of now there is no update on the feature release.

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This may be the most wanted feature for adminsitrators right now… Hopefully it will come one day.


This would be very useful.  I am pretty sure I put in a feature request as a new customer about 4 years ago.

This would be good - being asked by customers as they are used t this with VMware.

This seems like such an obvious requirement for a hypervisor.  I know VMware, Hyper-V and even VirtualBox all have this ability.

I am looking forward to the day that I can copy paste scripts, etc. into an AHV console.

Also waiting for an update on this!

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Good request… I am used to not being able to copy/paste direct because of past vendors having the same constraints, but would be a great addition if Nutanix development can do it for us.