X-Ray 3.10.0 Fails To Work With NVMe Nodes

  • 10 January 2021
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02/09/2021 Update: 3.10.1 has been released and contains the fix for this problem

An attempt to add a cluster with NVMe drives in the X-Ray 3.10.0 fails immediately.
While checking the log on the X-Ray VM the following can be observed in the xray.log:

ERROR Error occurred while performing final discovery - Invalid value for `type` (SSD-PCIe), must be one of ['HDD', 'SSD', 'Unknown']


That issue is specific to the version 3.10.0 of X-Ray and affects only the clusters with NVMe drives. It is a software bug that is going to be fixed in the upcoming release 3.10.1.
The workaround is currently to use the earlier versions. X-Ray 3.8 is validated to work correctly.

Earlier versions of X-Ray can be downloaded from the following page: https://portal.nutanix.com/page/downloads?product=xray

Simply click on “Other versions” to see the previous versions.

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