Comparing X-Ray Results between Clusters

  • 1 December 2020
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Hi All,

Just after some advice.  I’ve run the default ‘Four Corners Microbenchmark’ against 2 x identical All Flash clusters and I get very different results and not sure why.

The average random read IOPS differ by around 60k, and the random write IOPS around 10k. I know running the test on both clusters will not provide an exact match, but these results appear very different.  Please note these are both 2-node clusters, both are identical in specification so not sure if this matters.

I also get the same on 2 x identical 6-node Hybrid arrays, random read IOPS differ by 200k and random write IOPS by 40k!

The same X-Ray appliance was used on all clusters, using the default settings in the test itself.

Just after a possible explanation to these queries, if somebody could be so helpful.

Thanks very much.


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Hi @Mark-M 

I suggest raising this with a Nutanix SE. Let me know if you have contact details or if you need help with getting in touch with one.