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One of the awesome things about community, is the sharing and learning that can happen. It's always encouraging to see others want to help solve problems they are not directly involved in, offer new idea's to old problems and look for new ways of doing things.

It also helps me connect people who may have similar interests, and can benefit from sharing their experiences.

I thought this would be a great place to share what you are working on, get introduced to the community and let us know how we can help. Add your comments below, and let's begin the conversation.

We have an EPIC community, let's connect and help each other power the next generation of enterprise computing.

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DR solution complete with IP re-addressing at DR site.
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I'm working on Metro Availability and Async DR...

why chosing one or the other on LAN configurations between two datacenters
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We are working on a couple of large projects at the moment:

Nutanix CE Lab - Testing Amazon CloudConnect
  • 3x Supermicro servers (4th soon)
  • Currently seeing 12,000 IOPS, 3GB/s disk throughput and submicrosecond latency on 1GB/no jumbo frame
Nutanix production environment - Migrating from HP/Netapp/VMware to AHV, migrating remote sites to mini Nutanix clusters for additional snapshot replication destinations.

AWS Disaster Recovery using CloudConnect and async replication with 1G AWS DirectConnect.
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We just installed 4 3175's, 2 3260's, and 2 6135's. 'White Glove' install and knowledge transfer from the nutanix GSO team and cudos to Jim and John for the excellent planning. We stuck with ESX for the server virt. so that we could keep running veeam. We moved our server workload from the old 3-tier and it's smoking hot. I/O bottelnecks are gone and we are prepping to impliment CAD VDI (w/VGPU) using Horizion enterprise on the 3175's. Will keep you posted.
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I am Nubie, so I am still in the learning phase. We are moving our current infrastucture over to our new Nutanix box with 3 nodes. I will be shadowing our principal engineer on this. So exciting!
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We're finishing upgrade of all our blocks to 4.6 and connecting them up to Prism Central 4.6.

Once we've finished that we're replacing our virtualised Oracle 12c VMs with new versions built according to the Nutanix best practice guides. The new versions are much quicker and much easier for us to maintain.
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Good day .NEXT community,

I work for the Library at the University of Waterloo. We've been using Nutanix to handle our public facing VDI environment for a little over a year now and we just replaced our server virtualization infrastructure with Nutanix as well. Both of these environments are running VMware hypervisors.

Our next steps are two fold:

1. We plan to expand our Nutanix VDI environment to include staff workstations
2. We'll be moving the servers we just replaced with Nutanix to a partner datacentre and we'll load the Nutanix Community Edition onto them so we can play around with the Acropolis Hypervisor. Perhaps we'll even get to test How To Replicate Virtual Machines Between Different Hypervisors.

You can also check out the uWaterloo - Nutanix case study for our VDI environment

Adam Savage
Systems Administrator
University of Waterloo | Library

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Upgrade of our VDI environment, we were early adopters of the Nutanix platform, with our move from physical workstations to VDI. Started out with a block of 2000 series nodes. As the EOL is nearing we are upgrading to a block of 3000 series nodes. Recently moved our Vsphere environment from an EMC SAN to a 6000 series cluster. Our production environment is now 100% Nutanix.
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I am retrofitting a process of replicating data from production RAC environments to Dev/Test using snapshots -> clones which end up being owners of the disks that are shared to an environments RAC nodes.
Crazy cool idea that my boss came up with. Currently it leverages ACL and requires cut-n-paste 2 times but I can update the data volumes in less than 5 mins. I want to leverage volume groups and volume group APIs in 4.6 to fully automate the process.

I'm drinking the Kool aid.
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I'm in the middle of a project for the Department of Treasury to migrate their existing Citrix XenDesktop environment from a legacy, outdated, and under-sized traditional VMWare 5.1 infrastructure to a new Nutanix backed, VMWare 6 cluster. The performance increase already has been very impressive!

Once I'm done with that, it's on to standing up an Enterprise Microsoft SQL server offering on Nutanix, as well. Fun times!
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Finishing the building of a Hyper-V based Nutanix dual-site for XenDesktop VDI workloads over 4500 users.
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I'm upgrading our 2 sites to Acropolis Base Software 4.6
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Good luck, ! We completed our upgrade last week and it went smooth - no issues. Here's hoping you guys are as lucky.
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Im working on learn more from solution, i have got the NPP certificación, but would love to have another course, also we are implementing hyperconverged technology
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Got a small installation, consisting of two sites, 1 4-node block and 1 2-node ("disk") block on each site.
In the process of setting up a CE Lab (on older servers HP DL380 G5/G6 and IBM X3550) and testing AHV. If anyone's got any tips on these setups it'd be greatly appreciated.. 🙂
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Looking to refresh our server and storage environment on Nutanix. We are currently testing with two 3-node clusters across two datacenters. Mainly testing metro cluster availability and performance. So far so good!!
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Hi everybody,

We've just finished a PoC and purchased our first Nutanix block. So whilst waiting for that to be delivered, mostly I'm currently working on a bit of education whilst gathering some Xtribe points 😉
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Hi All

Having just completed a POC and moving away from traditional stacks of compute and storage, it would be wrong not to try the market leaders offerings:)

Awaiting delivery of purchased kit and onto a new chapter with hyperconverged.:)

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We are using Nutanix with WorkSpot and it's very cool.
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Nutanix environment has been build and now building all our servers in the environment.
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Installed a new node with Acropolis and testing..
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Looking at moving to AHV (from VMware); plus planning new Plant in CN (running on Nutanix, of course!)
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Virtualizing Manhattan WMS
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I`m working on learning nutanix technologise and installing a new six nodes cluster, hope I can learn more after the HCI project.
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Preparing to migrate Avaya IP Office from our SAN to Nutanix!