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One of the awesome things about community, is the sharing and learning that can happen. It's always encouraging to see others want to help solve problems they are not directly involved in, offer new idea's to old problems and look for new ways of doing things.

It also helps me connect people who may have similar interests, and can benefit from sharing their experiences.

I thought this would be a great place to share what you are working on, get introduced to the community and let us know how we can help. Add your comments below, and let's begin the conversation.

We have an EPIC community, let's connect and help each other power the next generation of enterprise computing.

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@aluciani Thanks for the invitation here!

Hello everyone!

My name is David, new user of Nutanix since February, 2020. I’m just an enthusiast who had accepted the challenge of managing a small Nutanix 3 Node Cluster for a test/dev environment here at the company.

I come from the world of Networking (since my role is Network Architect) and had some experience on VMWare, however, never been so deep understanding compute, virtualization and storage as a whole until now.

Just eager to keep testing this Nutanix box and learning from you all here at the community!


Hi All,

I’m new at my work but we are one Nutanix (Supermicro) multiple clusters running Hyper-V 2016. Lots of challenges but looking forward to learning more in these forums.


I am working on the Nutanix infrastructure (as a VDI solution). We have one cluster with 8 nodes running AHV.  Since there is a new version of the upgradeable components periodically, I want to know when I should upgrade each component accordingly? and what is the optimal sequence for the components upgrading ? 

@aluciani thank you for the invitation.

I am working with Nutanix CE from the end of April.  I am Network Engineer focusing on Ethernet switches, and virtual network testbed/devices such as Cisco VIRL, EVE-NG and Aruba CX OVA (virtual ArubaOS-CX).

Due to COVID-19, I have chance to run Nutanix CE (2019.11.22-stable) at home, on 3 x ThinkPad W520 which are powered by Intel Core i7-2760QM and 2820QM.  My goals are to get better place to run virtual machines than VMware ESXi, and reliable storage.  Here are my challenges.

  1. Prevent overheat or burn up of ThinkPads - I DON’T RECOMMEND TO USE LAPTOPS for Nutanix CE!
  2. 10GbE or 5GbE or 2.5GbE NICs, because built-in 1GbE NIC seems be overloaded
  3. EVE-NG (Network Simulation Testbed powered by KVM) does not work as expected

Regarding 1 and 2, I added Shuttle Cube PC as 4th node (Core i5-9400T, 64GB RAM, NVMe SSD + HDD, Intel I211 NIC), which VMware ESXi was installed.  It looks fine and CVM does PCIe pass-through for NVMe SSD.

I would like to replace 1GbE NIC with 10/5/2.5GbE(Aquantia AQC107) and/or 2.5GbE (Realtek RTL8125).  However this seems be difficult as I have to add drivers for these NICs, AQC107 and RTL8125 are cheap but not stable than Intel 10GbE NICs.  And suppose if these NICs and drivers work with Nutanix CE, I am not sure I can keep updating these drivers when CE is upgraded.

Regarding 3, I guess “Nested Virtualization” on AHV is not supported.  But I am not sure.  Sorry.


Benjamin Crill here.  Been involved with Nutanix now for a few years, previously on the partner side.  Not officially a customer (yet!) but use CE for my home lab.  Love what Nutanix brings and learning more about it.


After a year away, I am starting over with a new company with Nutanix.  This time on HPE hardware.

Spec’d and ordered, received and configured the first cluster and working on the next two now.  Three Datacenters will work as primary Prod, Primary Dev/Test and DR.  Can’t wait to get replicating.  


Building a second 4 node Nutanix Cluster in a secondary data centre for DR fail-over in the event DC1 is lost.

Configuring key servers to be replicated to this 2nd DC so that we can bring up key services immediately.


Our major refresh projects are on hold due to the pandemic but we are working on implementing Beam for it’s cloud cost control\optimization features. Controlling cost is more important now then ever.

Moving to Nutanix from our old legacy enviorment.


Hay, now i planning to migrate from esxi to AOS, form vsphere to AHV. That’s awesome !


Nutanix with Citrix VDI solution

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we just completed doubling the RAM of our entire Nutanix environment, with zero downtime. we have also built out a Citrix VDI platform for use during this current “remote work” environment.

we currently have a workflow using paker (OS image generator) that generates an image and then deposits it on a virtual machine. We would like to then push the image (QCOW2) to both of our clusters. We managed to push it manually via ssh to one cluster, and then to the other. What we are thinking of is being able to push it to prism central via command line, then attach a placement policy to it so that it is pushed to both of our clusters automatically.

finishing migration from HPE esxi to Nutanix. We have also add 256 GO of ram on the cluster. I’m also building a dev cluster with Nutanix CE and upgrading my head switch.

Hey everyone - I am researching the various use cases for load balancing with Nutanix users. Also, learning more about Nutanix products and how and why they are being implemented. L

Next step Disaster Recovery and VDI

Add more node to my cluster

Preparing of NCAP and migration of VMs

Busy Migrating last server from HyperV to Nutanix

We’ve actually finished moving off our Hyper-V Nutanix and we are now fully running on AHV. Our next goal might be moving off our Azure Stack HCI if AHV continues to outperform it. On top of that we are learning Calm and using the REST API webhooks for management/deployment of VMs.

Preparing the update of the AOS.

We are working on implementing Nutanix Leap

preparing for NCP and NCAP!

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Preparing to update AOS

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Preparing for NCAP...