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One of the awesome things about community, is the sharing and learning that can happen. It's always encouraging to see others want to help solve problems they are not directly involved in, offer new idea's to old problems and look for new ways of doing things.

It also helps me connect people who may have similar interests, and can benefit from sharing their experiences.

I thought this would be a great place to share what you are working on, get introduced to the community and let us know how we can help. Add your comments below, and let's begin the conversation.

We have an EPIC community, let's connect and help each other power the next generation of enterprise computing.

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We are currently converting an ESX cluster over to AHV, adding it to our existing cluster. As part of that process we are converting ALL the VMware machines to AHV (With Xtract - great tool). Say goodbye to license costs!

We are also starting to investigate Flow, and how it can be used in our environment. Very cool stuff.
Recently moved to cloud, now re-purposing our Nutanix system for internal use
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We just ordered 4 more nodes. I'll be working on getting them into the cluster as soon as possible. I also just completed upgrading to
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Our clusters are too big! We have a project to reorganize everything into smaller clusters.
Migrating our workload from ESXI to AHV
Upgrading the AHV on our 2 Nutanix clusters
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I'm currently working at VMware vSphere, Windows Hyper-V, Linux KVM and Cisco, 3 Tier environment. Last one year I'm focusing at Nutanix HCI and I completed two certification (NPP 5.0 and NCP 5.5). Recently focusing at NCSE Levels and NCAP.

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Exploring Calm and Flow..
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Self-paced studying of Nutanix - probably getting Nutanix for our production environment, we'll see!
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Planning to upgrade AOS to 5.10.
I am Working on getting my NCP!
Currently starting my Nutanix journey and about to implement across 2 sites.
automating stuff, what else? 😃
We are just awaiting delivery and installation of our Nutanix platform. Very exciting. We have purchased two clusters "production" and "DR". Can you point me in the direction of any DR guides/resources as I'll need to be planning a DR failover/failback. 😎
I am continuing to work on migrating workloads from our Hyper-V cluster to the Nutanix VmWare cluster. Also working on completing some upgrades to various software and firmware for Nutanix!
Working on migrating workloads from ESXI to AHV.
I am working on Beam...
Working on post AOS cleanup & testing Protection Domain failovers & reverse replication of snapshots back from the Remote Site after a DR situation is resolved.
I'm still prepping for an eventual migration from VMWare 5.5 to 6.5. Need to update my Prism higher, but still evaluating my memory usage and if I can absorb the extra 4GB per node. We don't have a hugely powerful setup and we're riding our viable hardware limitations pretty close that it could make a huge difference in the event of a node failure triggering DR (which has happened once).
We are continuing to roll out Nutanix ROBO kits to our remote sites across the US, Puerto Rico and Latin America.
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Deploying a one node cluster for a remote office that only has 3 users. Also updated our AOS to 5.8.1 and added a new host to an existing custer.
Setting up remote access to workstations on Nutanix AHV platform using PCoIP Cloud Access SW.
I´m working in my knowaladge for schedule the ncp certification , and want use community edition. My doubt is about of the experience in the certification exam?
I just met Nutanix and I'm doing the certification programm in 1 week i met NCP and NCPI now i want to reach the NCSE, NCAP and NPX certification
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Migrating our Non-SAP VM's from ESXi to AHV ,