NX-8235N-G8-CM - Initial Configuration

  • 25 November 2022
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We recently purchased 2 x NX-8235N-G8-CM (total of 4 nodes), which will be explicitly used as storage servers.

I am having some trouble performing the initial configuration and wondering if I could get some support as I am stuck. This would be my first time setting up a Nutanix device and not sure where to begin.

I did try to use the Nutanix Foundation, but no luck while trying to follow what was done here:


I do have few questions regarding Foundation though.

What I did:

  1. Plug in the new devices’s IPMI/data port to a dummy switch (IPMI/HOST IP will be on same subnet)
  2. Plug in my laptop with a prod IP address (i.e. to switch
  3. Launch Nutanix Foundation for Windows
  4. Follow what was done in the above videos with my IP addresses

Note: I am not running any DHCP nor did I set any static IP for IPMI/AHV/CVM. I read that AHV is already installed for devices sold in the US; however, not sure if the CVM is already installed though. The setup process does ask for manual entries for IPMI/AHV/CVM, but this goes back to not knowing where to even set these IP addresses unless I have to log into the console and set IPs via Linux CLI.


Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello @Masum 

You need to connect the nodes and your laptop to flat switch supports ipv6 and make sure it's enabled.

You don't need dhcp, you will be asked to put the range of ips which will be used.

Connect the ipmi shared port from each node. Or connect ipmi and one of the 10g ports to the switch if your hardware doesn't have ipmi shared port

Your further information please check the foundation guide:


Hi @Moustafa Hindawi  - thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Since I have CVM & AHV already preloaded, I was advised to IP teach node via network script which can be found here:

nutanix-network-crashcart   --→ ./network_configuration

  1. Set the required IPs on all host
  2. Create a cluster : cluster -s x.x.x.6,x.x.x.7,x.x.x.8,x.x.x.9 create
    1. Set VIP as well

Does the above look about right?



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Mentioned Block doesn’t have any shared ports, so you have to connect IPMI and network port from each port  to the switch. 

if foundation process is failed before block might not be discoverable , than you have to add the block manually using node IPMI MAC Address. 

Please do advise on which step foundation is getting failed. 


Things required for foundation:

  1. Windows /MAC Laptop
  2. Download Foundation for Windows / MAC based on laptop you have
  3. Download AOS 
  4. Hypervisor ISO if you are not going with AHV 
  5. Flat switch 
  6. 13 ip address

Connect all the Nodes IPMI and 1 of the nic from each node with the flat switch, and connect your laptop on the same switch. Assign you laptop IP on same range. and IPv6 should be enabled on the laptop nic.

Run the foundation , if nodes discovered good , otherwise you can add the nodes using MAC address manually. and proceed with the foundation wizard.