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  • 14 February 2024
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Hi Team,


I am new to Nutanix and I am learning the product. Like VMware supports adding external storage systems via iSCSI / FC and we can create datastore.


Nutanix does not support external storage connection via iSCSI or FC, am I right?


The only option is add local disks on the AHV server… Is there any roadmap when the external storage connectivity will be allowed?

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2 replies

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Hello @Vaibhavtiwari 

You can scale up local disks, or add Storage-Only nodes

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You’re right, there is no way to connect remote storage to the Nutanix AHV over SAN. Local disks are the HCI way, and you may read about its benefits over traditional SAN. Start with

Btw, you can connect remote iSCSI luns inside of the guest VMs, using the guest iSCSI initiator. But I don’t like this method.