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  • 22 May 2024
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Hello folks,

There is a requirement to configure Oracle RAC in a Nutanix environment.

The hypervisor will be used with AHV, and license it plan to use is NCI Starter.

It appears to be possible to implement this by using the Nutanix Volumes functionality to reference the Shared Disk as an iSCS target to the internal Guest OS.

In the past, there was no cost for internal use with Nutanix Volumes, but now with the new license format, will an additional NUS license be required? Or is a separate NUS license not required for internal use?

From this link, it looks like that's not necessary..


Thank you


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Quote from the link: NUS licenses are not needed for external access to Volume Groups if the storage is deployed on an NCI-Pro/Ultimate Cluster. For NCI-Starter licenses, Volume Group access is only supported for VMs running within the cluster.


So when you want a shared disk (via volume groups) to be attached to a virtual machine you can do it with the started license. But then the vm(s) should be running on the cluster and not somewhere else. 

Thanks for the clear answer, I understood that in the case of NCI Starter, the assumption is that it runs on a cluster.