OS Gold Image Best Practices | NTFS Allocation Unit Size

  • 3 April 2014
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I've been doing some research on best practices when creating a gold OS image for VDI. Some vendors (e.g., EMC) recommend using 8k vs the default 4k with Windows 7. Obviously this has a lot to do with vendor based storage and overall design.

Is there a specific OS NTFS allocation unit size Nutanix recommends when staging a gold image based on Nutanix storage technology?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hello, as long as you are using a newer OS. Win7, Win8, Server 2008 or higher we do not need a particular block size.

If on an old OS I would suggest, although not requried to align to a 4k block size.

You can feel free to choose any block size you would like (typically people choose default)

Tony Holland
Nutanix Senior Systems Engineer.
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So where can i change the block size? I found no options for this !!!!!!! the system claimed it can do variable block size...
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calvin - Just noticed this post, sorry we missed it, as the original post was very old.

What specifically are you asking to change? the OS block size in windows? or some internal block size within Nutanix? or what?

Either respond here, or start a new thread, and we can help you there.