Migrating from Citrix Netscaler 12.0 on VMware to Nutanix AHV

  • 2 June 2017
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Apologies if I have posted in the wrong area but this seem Citrx related so here goes.

I wil be switching from VMware to Nutanix AHV native hypervisor in the coming weeks.

If anyone has already done this, can they advise on the steps they took to port over a version of Netscaler running on VMware (vSphere 5.5) to Acropolis Hypervisor on Nutanix?

Not aware of any native tools that can handle that.

The only other way would be to back off this config (never tried it) and upload onto a native vanilla install of the Netscaler based on KVM and uploading the config somehow.

Any advice would be grateful.

5 replies

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thats exactly what i would do. upload the config to the same version of a NS KVM instance, make sure the version# is exactly the same. just disable your NIC on AHV so you can log into console mode and check your config, should be very easy
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Hi Nickcasa,
Do you know if the config backup will bring across the Themes and SSL cert details as well?
I will probably open a citrix support ticket and get the definative to be on the safe side if all else fails.
Hi Icebun,

Do you still need help with this? I've moved quite a lot Netscalers between DC's.

To answer your question anyway - no the config doesn't contain either the SSL certs or Theme.

I can provide those locations if you need.


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Hi Matt,
I think I have everything I need which I will summerise as follows:-

1. On existing Netscaler
  • Copy /nsconfig/ssl/*.* to temporary location
  • Copy /nsconfig/ns.conf to temporary location
  • Copy the following contents /var/logon/themes/*.* to temporary location
  • Shutdown appliance
2. Download KVM instance of Netscaler VPX. to match the VMware version
3. Configure IP to match orginal VPX as well as name
4. Download licence
5.Upload contents stored in temporay location to matching path

Have I missed anything out?
Hi Icebun,

Ok, everything looks good. Just a couple of things

- Make you sure you only restore to a single Netscaler if doing HA do that after you have a single
instance working

- I'm pretty sure you will need to reallocate the license via MyCitrix even if the hostname is the same.
I've never had make luck transfering licenses even when I replicate a Netscaler the license stops working.