Frame - Computer GPO Applying but Not Taking Effect on Instances

  • 25 January 2023
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Dear All,

We are using Frame with an on-pre AHV cluster. We have set up an account with domain-joined non-persistent instances. The sandbox is located in the same AD OU as the instances. Hence, it has the same GPOs applying. Our GPOs are not WMI filtered and do have standard security applied. GPOs are all enabled.

The issue that we are seeing with GPO is the following. The settings in the GPO that is scoped to the computer objects are confirmed to be applying to the sandbox. also, on the sandbox, the settings seem to take effect as expected, e.g., when configured accordingly, News and Interests vanishes from the taskbar after a reboot.

However, when I publish the sandbox and log on to one of the generated instances, the experience is different. I can still see that the registry setting that is corresponding to a specific GPO setting is present. GPRESULT also shows that the GPO is applying. However, the effect in the GUI is just not there. That is, News and Interests is still present on the taskbar.

The experience is basically, you configure something in the registry, but Windows behaves as if you hadn't.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

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