Cloud service is unavailable

  • 6 October 2021
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The Cloud account can be disconnected due to the following issues:

  • Network issue
  • Prism Element service account password is changed or expired
  • Cloud Connector Appliance is down
  • Insufficient resources on the CVM or cluster where the CCA is running. 

The client displays the following error when trying to start a session:
User-added image

On the Admin console, Frame accounts will be greyed out as below:

User-added image




Sometimes the account becomes disconnected due to network disruption, you can reconnect the account from the Admin console. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on the 3 dots on the cloud account on the customer level, and select Cloud accounts.

User-added image

2. Find Which account is disconnected (U) click on the 3 dots and click Reconnect. Your account Status should be changed R

User-added image

If the cloud account disconnects after a couple of minutes check the following components, which one causing the issue.

  • Verify that the Prism Element service account is not changed or expired
  • Verify there are no network connectivity issues with CCA and the backend
  • Make sure CCA is in running state
  • Check the CVM has enough resources ( RAM, CPU ) where the CCA is running. 


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