How can I use multiple endpoints in the same runbook or blueprint?

  • 18 May 2022
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Hi all!

I’m writing a runbook with tasks that needs to use different endpoints from different Nutanix Projects. This seems to be impossible, so I want to check in with the community to see if I’m doing something wrong. :)

I can create an endpoint without “assigning” it to a specific project, but this doesn’t matter since I have to define a project when creating a runbook. This means that I can only use endpoints that are assigned to the project the runbook is using.

An endpoint can only be assigned to one project so assigning an endpoint to multiple projects is not an option.

One possible (as well as very clunky and cumbersome) workaround would be to create identical endpoints for every project that needs access to it, but all endpoints must be uniquely named which makes this even more of a nightmare.

Is what I want to do at all possible?



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Hey Martin, you are correct. By design endpoints cannot be shared across projects. So your endpoints and runbooks should belong to the same project. Sharing of endpoints across projects is something that i will bring up in our discussions.

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Thanks Santhosh.

I’ll mention this request to my contact at Nutanix as well to help bring focus to it. :)