Disks in Catalog Items not showing in Blueprints

  • 24 January 2024
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I want to build a blueprint that provisions a CentOS8 VM. I have added a CentOS8 disk to the Catalog Items list in Prism Central. When I go to build/edit my blueprints in Calm/Self Service, the disk does not show up as an option in the Disks configuration field. 

How do i enable a disk image from the Catalog Items to be available in Calm blueprints?


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7 replies

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You have to upload the disk image into the AHV Images service and not as a catalog item.

Can you point me to documentation on how to do that? Is it possible to do just with the objects in the Catalog Items and/or Images lists in PC?

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Catalog items is for a different use case.

Here the documentation for Images

Thank you, i followed those instructions, but the new images still don’t show up in the blueprint editing view.

I am seeing a clue, though - the items that are available are listed as “Disk” in the image list, while the ones listed as “ISO” are not.



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You have to change the device type in the blueprint to CD-ROM in order to be able to use an ISO.

I was also able to Update the image from ISO to Disk, and then it showed up in the blueprint. Is one procedure better than the other?

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There isn’t a better or worse, you have the use the right type for the image you have. If it is an OS disk, then the type must be DISK. If you have an image which is an ISO to install a software, then it must be ISO type.

The CentOS 8 you have downloaded, if it is a disk image (QCOW2, IMG, RAW, ...) you must set this image to DISK. If you have downloaded the CentOS 8 installer ISO, then type must be ISO.