Life Cycle Manager

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Life Cycle Manager

Life Cycle Manager (LCM) is out and ready for download!

The Life Cycle Manager (LCM) tracks and upgrades both software and firmware versions of all entities in the cluster, completely in-band with Nutanix Prism Element and Prism Central.

Firmware Versus Software Updates

LCM supports software updates for any platform running Nutanix software.

LCM supports firmware updates only for platforms from the following vendors.

Nutanix (NX) Dell XC / XC Core Lenovo HX / HX Ready
HPE DX Fujitsu XF Intel DCB
HPE DL (G10) Inspur InMerge  

Table 1: Platforms That Support Firmware Updates Through LCM

Individual component firmware support differs among hardware vendors, so check the RIM bundle for your hardware vendor for details.

New Features

  • Stop Update button: LCM adds the ability to stop most in-progress LCM updates by using the Stop Update button. When you click Stop Update, LCM automatically chooses a safe point to stop the update. Not all updates can stop after they have begun.
  • Username logging: For security reasons, LCM logs the username for every update attempt.

Download LCM today and join the conversation in the How it works forums and find out how others are taking advantage of LCM. Be sure to tag you LCM posts with LCM.

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