Where is the 'Mount ISO' permission when creating custom roles?

  • 31 August 2020
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First off, Prism Central RBAC SUCKS compared to vSphere. 11 years supporting VMware, which I am completely self taught, the the simple task of creating a role like the VMware 'VM Power User’ role has me ready to update my resume. This is maddening.

I need a role that will be assigned to team members to manage all aspects of VMs except creation/deletion, and they need to be able to mount ISO images to the VMs. I have gone through the granular list of permissions, and I don’t see anything like that under VM or Images. Where is this hidden?

1 reply

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Hi David,

I am sorry to hear that your experience with Nutanix has been frustrating.

There is no Mount ISO granular permission but the Edit Access pre-configured level should do the trick. Alternatively, for granular control, you’d use Access Console VM, Clone VM, Update VM, Update VM Boot Config, Update VM CPU, Update VM Categories, Update VM Disk List, Update VM GPU List, Update VM Memory, Update VM NIC List, Update VM Owner, Update VM Power State, Update VM Project, View Cluster, View Subnet, View VM,

I took those from the Security Guide: Custom Role Management.

Is that what you were looking for?