Using the Command Line for LCM Upgrade Status

  • 19 October 2020
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While some users might prefer the GUI (Prism Element) to keep tabs on an LCM upgrade, others might prefer the command line interface (CLI) method. Since LCM is a more GUI based product, it was not easy to track the status of an upgrade without skimming through the logs.

However, starting in LCM 2.2, a command line utility was introduced to monitor the progress of an LCM upgrade. To use this, run the following command from any CVM that is currently up: lcm_upgrade_status

To view sample outputs, check what various states mean, or different options that can be used with the above utility, take a look at KB 7914 in the Support Portal

1 reply


This morning I need to start LCM firmware update via CLI, is it possible?