Something went wrong? How to delete Prism Central VM

  • 14 November 2019
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Sometimes it is necessary to delete and re-deploy Prism Central (PC) VM. Instances may include errors that occurred during PC deployment or when PC version deployed is outside of Software Product Interoperability matrix.

Starting with version 5.5, Prism Central becomes the primary management plane and houses features like SSP, Calm, RBAC, Microsegmentation, etc. Therefore it is important to follow the recommended process when deleting PC VM:

  1. Identify the cluster on which the Prism Central VM that you wish to delete has been deployed. Copy the Prism Central VM name from this cluster.
  2. Unregister and clean up all clusters registered to Prism Central.
  3. Check if all clusters have been unregistered from Prism Central by executing the following command from any CVM in each cluster.
  4. Delete the Prism Central VM.
  5. Check if the Prism Central VM has been deleted by logging into the cluster's Prism Element UI and browsing the VM section.

For detailed instruction please refer to KB-6274 How to delete a Prism Central VM.

The article also references KB-4944 Unregister from Prism Central and cleanup | Force unregister PE from PC after PC is deleted

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