Recover a VM from the snapshot

  • 23 July 2020
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Did you know you can restore a deleted VM from a leftover snapshot?

If a virtual machine (VM) was accidentally deleted or migrated to a remote site provided the snapshot remains the VM can be recovered.

When deleting a VM using Prism an option ‘Delete all snapshots’ is available. When the option is not selected the snapshots remain in the container and become orphaned.

Similarly, when a VM is migrated to a remote site an is disassociated with the protection domain the snapshot remains.

The recovery operation relies on a clone operation in aCLI. Clone a VM from a snapshot is essentially what happens when recovering the VM.


Follow KB-6194 Cloning from AHV Orphaned Snapshots for a simple set of instructions on the process.

Prism Web Guide contains more information on Disaster Recovery operations.

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