Prism web console storage report delay

  • 12 March 2020
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Let’s say you have been deleting some VMs/files in order to regain storage space but you don’t see any progress on the Home/Storage Summary window.


What could be the reason?

The reason is that the space utilized by deleted VMs may not be available immediately. After removing or deleting many large files or VMs, free space on the Nutanix cluster appears to not increase or takes a few hours before the free space is seen/reclaimed.


This behavior of free space being slowly presented back to the cluster is expected behavior for Nutanix because of the service responsible for cleaning up space, Curator. The curator takes time to perform scans on the cluster to reclaim space.


The curator takes time to perform scans on the cluster and spreads the storage across the disks and carefully removes the correct files while maintaining redundancy for any data you want to keep.


To know more in detail about this and curator scan schedule, please take a look at KB-2924 

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