Prism Central Unregistration FAQs

  • 21 April 2020
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Let's say you encounter a situation where you want to unregister a cluster from Prism Central. 

Unregistering a cluster through the Prism GUI is no longer available. This option was removed to reduce the risk of accidentally unregistering a cluster.


There could be different scenarios in which a cluster needs to be unregistered from a Prism Central like 


  1. Prism Central functionality is being evaluated but you do not plan to use the functionality.

  2. You manage your cluster or clusters using a different Prism Central instance.

  3. The Prism Central that your cluster was previously registered to has been destroyed or decommissioned.

  4. You might need to reconfigure the IP addresses of the Prism Central VMs in a PC cluster.


There could be multiple queries regarding cluster cleanup and unregistration workflow :  


What happens if the unregistration workflow is not followed?

What happens if the workflow is executed partially?

What happens when you unregister and re-register without running the cleanup process?

What is the effect of PE unregistration on PSS configuration which has not yet been migrated to a PC?


The following knowledge base article provides the workflow and answers some basic queries regarding the procedure.


Unregister from Prism Central and cleanup

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