Mounting an ISO through a CVM

  • 18 September 2020
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When maintaining a Nutanix infrastructure, there is sometimes a need to mount an ISO to a host. For example, when performing a SATADOM replacement or booting into Phoenix, an ISO needs to be mounted via the IPMI interface.

When using the IPMI GUI, you will likely be attaching an ISO from your local computer which is most likely outside the CVM/Host’s network. Therefore, the IPMI/hosts ability to read from the attached ISO can be hampered by network connectivity issues. This is especially true with many workers currently working from their homes.

With the SMCIPMITOOL found on the CVM, you can leverage another CVM in order to mount an ISO. To note, the ISO being mounted would first need to be copied to the local filesystem of the sharing CVM (the path /home/nutanix/tmp could work to store the ISO - just be mindful of the available free space of the /home partition).

More information, including procedural steps, can be found in KB 4616

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