LCM Series | List of pre-checks before the upgrade

  • 18 November 2019
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LifeCycle Manager (LCM) is the 1-click upgrade process for firmware and software on Nutanix clusters. This feature can be accessed through the Prism UI.

LCM Provides Two Operations:

     1. Inventory: Detects what can be managed on a cluster. 

     2. Update: Performs an update to a certain version.

So what happens before an update?

LCM runs a set of pre-defined checks, pre-checks to confirm and validate your cluster health and sanity. If any checks fail, it shows you as an error and advises you to fix the issue before going ahead with the upgrade.

So what are those pre-checks?
Do we have a list and recommendation if we encountered a pre-check failure before the upgrade or if we want to the know the list of complete pre-checks to proactively make our cluster ready for an upgrade?

Of course, we have a list of pre-checks and the recommended KBs to help you resolve the issue and go ahead with the upgrade smoothly and efficiently.

Try going through the following KB to get an idea about the pre-checks and their resolution


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