"VSS snapshot not supported"

  • 25 February 2019
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I just created 4 new Server 2012R2 VMs and this morning I see yellow exclamation points on them with the message "VSS snapshot is not supported for the VM 'WinSrv12R2', because VM has IDE disks attached"

These were created with 100G SATA drives and a SATA CD-ROM so I cant figure out why I'm seeing this message. Thank you

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4 replies

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The error message you get pretty much sums it up: Nutanix VSS snapshots of VMs with delta, SATA, and IDE disks are not supported

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid bus types other than SCSI for vdisks wherever possible.
I too just ran into this. I even changed the cdrom to SATA. It should include SATA along with IDE in the error message. Now off to figure out how to image a vm disk so it can be re-added as scsi since you just cant change it.
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If you upload the SATA/IDE vdisk to the cluster's image service (to re-clone it to your VM as a SCSI vdisk) double check the target container, as this cannot be changed later either. Also, if your vdisk contains an OS, make sure that VirtIO drivers are already installed.
You can actually just clone the disk using acli from sata/ide to scsi. Already found it. I already found the issue with not being able to move disk between containers. Not the smartest move either.