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  • 21 March 2016
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I have installed Prism Cental and Acropolis

Now I tried to register my Nutanix Cluster to Prism Central. I entered the admin credentials in the registration form. But I got an error "Failed to register to Prism Central: HTTP 403 forbidden".

Any hints?

best regards, arno

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9 replies

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can you check whether you have a firewall in between and can you ping the Prism Central IP from a CVM?
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Did you get to the bottom of this,  ?

If not, please submit a support ticket, and we'll get this sorted out.
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I've seen this issue when the HTTPHTTPS Proxy is enabled on the Prism Central andor the Cluster.

Ensure the proxy info is empty on both.
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Or, you need to ensure 9440 port is open in the firewall if you pick the https in Prism Central and Prism Element.
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yes sir, those are the two most common causes of this.

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I have the same problem, only there isn't a firewall blocking communications and the message I'm receiving after the process errors out is as follows:

Error: Failed to process server response. Possible reason includes version mismatch between NCLI and Prism Gateway server.

What is the Prism Gateway server? I am unfamiliar with this. Please advise.
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Hi @arnoschneid

Did you ever close out on this issue? Did any of the suggestions above help?

If it helps, please consider clicking the 'like' and 'best answer' link as that will help others in the community find the answer much quicker!

Thanks for being part of the community 👍
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I have encountered this scenario before with no firewall between the Prism Central and the cluster. Make sure the prism central ip is whitelisted in the proxy settings of prism element and do the same on prism central for the prism element. 

I have also ran into the same issue @theGman encountered when the account used to join the prism element to prism central is in need of a password change or there aren't proper ntp and/or dns servers set up in the prism element. 

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In my case the issue was about the white-listing of IP addresses.