Changing Prism language

  • 3 November 2020
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Since Esperanto never really took off English has become the universal language for business, education and IT industry.

It does not mean, however, that you must use English in your environment. Prism supports localization to Japanese and Chinese languages. 

As any feature Prism localization has its limitations:

  • Logical entities that do not have a contextual translation available in localized language are not localized.
  • The AOS generated alerts and events are not localized to the selected locale language.
  • Following strings are not localized: VM, CPU, vCPU, Language Settings, licensing details page, hardware names, storage denominations (GB, TB), About Nutanix page, EULA, service names (SNMP, SMTP), hypervisor types.

To change the language setting, follow the Prism Web Console Guide: Localization.

If there is an issue with changing the language for the Prism configured with Active Directory see if KB-10166 Language setting cannot be changed in Prism if logged in as Domain Administrator applies to your case.


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