Remove a disk of an external repository

Using Nutanix API, I detached a disk from a VM by just specifying device_bus and device_index.  The disk was attached from a passthru external repository.  After detaching the disk, I tries to delete the external repository, I got the following response message from delete external repository API:

"The external repository hsing-ahv-test-repo hosts some virtual disks that are still in use"

I could not delete the external repository.  So, I deleted the VM, but still I could not delete the external repository. 

Any way to remove the virtual disk and delete the external repository?


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Nutanix holds datasources for some time after they are deleted, and that causes related external repositories to stay active.  Nutanix performs the actual deletion of datasources few times a day.  So, the datasources will be deleted eventually.  But, the deletion of external repositories is not automatic, and those external repositories must be deleted manually. 

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I seem to have this as well and am also interested if this was resolved or if anyone knows the issue?