VM Console Connection Closed (Error 1006)

  • 27 October 2020
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AOS Version

ESXi 6.7

CROME 86.0.4240.75 

Opening a VM console I always get connection closed (error 1006):

There was an error connecting to the VM. This could be due to an invalid or untrusted certificate chain or the VM being powered off. Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer if the problem persists.


Best answer by Nashma 5 November 2020, 09:56

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6 replies

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All good, glad it worked:)

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Hi @Alona 

Sorry but I did not see the suggestion by @Nashma

It works: adding the correct DNS server to prism as suggested in KB-5855 Unable to launch VM console from Prism

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Have you tried KB-5855 as suggested by Nashma earlier? What was the outcome?

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Hi @Roberteo 

In prism central I see a GREY console that says: noVNC ready: native WebSockets, canvas rendering.

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When we used to get this error we determined that although this occurred with PRISM Element (the CVM) when we launched the console from a PRISM Central (a VM), it worked.

Do you have a PRISM Central?

Good luck!

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Please check if KB-5855 Unable to launch VM console from Prism is helpful with your issue. Cheers!