Remove Zombie VMs from Prism Central

  • 9 July 2020
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After connecting my Cluster to Prism Central I see some VMs in Prism Central that are not existing anymore in the Cluster and I cannot find a way to remove them. Here is an example:

These VMs are already deleted in the cluster
In Prism these VMs are not visible

Is there a way to delete these VMs from PC? I already tried to remove the cluster from PC, run the cleanup scripts and connect to PC again (even to a new installed one), but it did not help.

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3 replies

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Hello @MichaelAhn!

Could you confirm the hypervisor you are running on? Please share additional environment details like PC version, Cluster(AOS) version, Hypervisor version etc.

Did you recently perform any activity like hypervisor conversion, PC upgrade etc?

Additionally, where is the Prism Central VM deployed? Is it on the clusters managed by this PC or on different environments.




Hi @Nashma 

The cluster is running on  

AHV (Version Nutanix 20190916.158 )


PC (running on the cluster)

I did no hypervisor conversion.

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Hi MichaelAhn,

I would suggest opening a case with Nutanix Support.