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  • 15 June 2016
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Hi, How can I change the date format on Prism? It's currently mm/dd/yyyy and i'd like to make it dd/mm/yyyy Thanks Tom

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6 replies

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Good question, dont recall off hand. I pinged engineering to see
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I checked with engineering, and this is currently tracked under feature request FEAT-1107

I've added myself as a watcher on that ticket, so I'll update this thread when I see updates there.
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Is it because you or your team operates in a region using different date format, such as in Europe? If so, are you ok with different date format but still with English UI?
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hi, i was searching on this topic too, that would be a great option, including the 12/24h time option.
I'm in France and i'm ok with the english UI ( i even think its better when finding solutions in forums the menu and options names are the same, and not approximate translations ) , but the date and time format is really disturbing.
following this thread
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thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

Can you file a support ticket with priority "Request for Enhancement" with your feedback? That just helps us formally track volume of these requests coming in.
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This feature is now available with our AOS version 5.1

Simon Carter
Systems Engineer