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  • 3 August 2016
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I was wondering is it possible for the next version of PRISM central to have the look and feel of 4.5.x but with the capacity monitoring features of PRISM Pro in 4.7.x? Personally I feel that it is a hassle to click "PRISM element" everytime in order to drill down into a particular cluster for 4.7 whereas in 4.5 I can just click the left sidebar and go into it from the main page.

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3 replies

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- Thanks for reaching out.

I know exactly what you're talking about. I reached out to the two product managers for Prism just now to pass your feedback.

Personally, I don't think we'd completely revert the UX back to 4.5; however, you do have a valid point that it's definitely not as quick to "get into a cluster" from Prism Central as it was in 4.5.

I think we can make some improvements there, let's see what the team has to say.
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Hi ,

Thanks for providing us honest feedback. We have noticed similar points from some of other customers. Although we don't have the timeline yet, two engineering tickets were created to track these.
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 - If you can, for the sake of properly tracking this feedback, can you create a support ticket on with priority RFE - Request for Enhancement, and ask them to link your ticket to these two internal engineering tickets?


This goes to anyone else reading this as well, please help us by filing RFE's, so we can accurately guage demand from the field very easily.